Bio-Impedance Analysis (BIA)

There are many ways to measure health and changes in health status.

One important tool is the Bio-Impedance Analysis (BIA).

The BIA offers comprehensive whole body composition and hydration analysis. Other wellness markers are also measured to track progress and monitor cellular health.

These reports include:

Body Fat %
Lean Mass %
Body water % and water distribution                                                                                                  Basal Metabolic Rate
Impedance ratio
Phase Angle
..and more…


For accurate results, please follow the BIA preparation guidelines:
– No alcohol 24 hours before the test
– No exercise, sauna, steam within 12 hours
– Avoid caffeine or food within 4 hours
– Empty bladder and bowel before performing test
– Lotions and oils on the skin can sku data – please do not apply the day of your test
– Please dress in fitted, comfortable clothing (for hip and waist measurements) and be prepared to remove all jewelry, belts, and shoes.
– Try to perform repeat tests at a similar time of day




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