Better Health Through Education

My Beliefs

I believe that, with information and a personalized, naturopathic approach, you can reach your health potential.

In my opinion, education provides a powerful opportunity. When you know better, you can do better. My ultimate goal, through education and naturopathic medicine, is to help you improve your life SPAN, as well as (and maybe more importantly) your HEALTH span. It’s not just desirable to live long, but to live well.

Good health is a reflection of the small things you do on a daily basis – increasing your HEALTH span is about the cumulative benefits generated from the things you do every single day.

Small steps lead to big changes and committing to one or more health promoting habits is sustainable and, over time, will lead to major health benefits for you, your family, and our planet.

Better Health Through Education

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I divide my time between research, writing, podcasting, program creation, and patient care. To schedule a virtual or in-person consultation, please send me an email or connect on social media.