Lean and Clean Program

This program has been developed as a kick-start to help you get on the right path to achieve your health goals. Although weight loss is often a desired outcome, many other aspects of health also improve on this program.

If you suffer from any of the symptoms listed below, the Lean and Clean program is designed for you:

Digestive complaints such as gas, bloating, constipation, water retention

Low energy

Mood fluctuations

Skin complaints such as acne, eczema, psoriasis

Muscle and joint pain

Weight management


Low/High blood sugar


How the program looks:

Step 1. One week kick-start program where you will be using medical foods/powders in the form of shakes along with specific nutritional guidelines designed to reset your metabolism and supercharge your health.

Goals and Expectations: After just the first 7 days, most participants notice a 50% reduction in symptoms as well as significant weight loss and weight redistribution (less water and fat, more lean muscle).

Step 2. Maintain Momentum! After the 7 day intense week, you will be given a modified nutritional and lifestyle plan with reduced emphasis on medical foods/powders and increased emphasis on whole foods and exercise.

Goals and Expectations: participants continue to experience symptom relief, weight loss, and a general feeling of wellness. This part of the program may include supplements, exercise routines, specific nutritional recommendations, and referrals tailored to each individual.

Step 3: Sensational HealthAt this point you will have noticed significant improvements in your health and are well on your way to reaching all of your wellness goals. Step 3 is part of a long-term plan to keep you feeling sensational while also finding balance by following the 80/20 principle.

Goals and Expectations: participants find a perfect balance that helps maintain the sensational results achieved during the first 2 steps.

In order to reach your goals, you will be supported throughout the Lean and Clean program with motivational resources to help you stay on track and achieve your goals, including:

  • 30 minute consultation & physical exam prior to beginning the program
  • detailed nutritional guidebook
  • daily emails with recipes and motivational tips
  • 1 month supply of medical foods
  • email and phone support as needed
  • 30 minute follow up at the end of the intense week to track progress
  • 4 BIAs (bio-electrical impedance analysis to measure body composition) within the first 4 weeks to help motivate and define your progress (*measurements include % fat, % lean mass, % water, and other wellness markers to monitor overall wellness)
  • unlimited access to the FIR sauna at The Pear Tree

This is a MEDICAL program and the goals include weight loss, blood sugar balance, cholesterol management, improved cardiovascular profile, reduction in inflammatory markers, etc. as well as improvement in YOUR specific health goals.

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Outline of the plan:


Prior to starting the Kick-Start Week: Initial assessment and delivery of Step 1 (includes information about diet, medical foods, and a physical exam and BIA)

1 week in: Follow up to Step 1 (includes BIA)

2 weeks in: general check in (includes BIA)

4 weeks in: general check in (includes BIA)


Total Cost (including all appointments, medical foods for the entire program, and all resources)

$550 + HST on products.

**If you have extended coverage for naturopathic visits, as much as $200 may be covered by your plan and directly billed to your insurance company.





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