Let the hugging begin!

I’ve been seeing lots of people suffering from anxiety lately. It’s really not surprising considering how stressed out and depleted most people are.

Anxiety can be a super scary place to be but there are many naturopathic options that can help. Nutrition, exercise, and rest are good places to start. Supplements can also be extremely helpful to get thru the tough times while addressing the underlying cause of the anxiety and working to improve coping strategies.

I am amazed on a regular basis at how effective meditation can be for soothing anxiety and helping to make the mind and body more resistant to everyday stress. It’s something anyone can do and if you’re not already using meditation, you should seriously consider finding a way to incorporate it into your life.

I’ve mentioned before that one of my favourite meditations is a three breath hug. It’s simple, quick, and deeply rewarding. I try to use the three breath hug at least once a day with each of my children and we also use the technique in our “family hugs”. These hugs are yummy moments and we all benefit from a feeling of connection and are left feeling more grounded and calm.

The link below outlines the benefits and details of this healing technique. I hope you choose to try it with your Valentines 🙂

Let the hugging and healing begin!!

Three Breath Hug

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