A Month Of Connection

The Importance of Connection This month we are exploring the benefits of connection; connection with others, food, nature, and of course with self! I recently attended my uncle’s 60th birthday party. We have always been a tight family, especially the cousins, but with aging parents I couldn’t avoid asking the question of whether or notContinue reading “A Month Of Connection”

8 Stress-Busting Superfoods

Did you know you can use nutrition to increase your stress resilience. Here are a few of our stress-busting superfoods: 1. Omega 3s Animal-based omega-3 fats, EPA and DHA, play an important role in your emotional well-being. Studies show omega 3s reduce signs of depression and anxiety. They also have anti-inflammatory benefits that help to counteractContinue reading “8 Stress-Busting Superfoods”

The Importance of Self-Care for Parents

More and more I am amazed (and overwhelmed!) by the responsibility of being a parent. I am constantly asking myself “Am I doing the right thing?”, “Is she getting enough veggies, enough exercise, enough fresh air?” I’ve come to realize it all boils down to this: the better I am at taking care of myselfContinue reading “The Importance of Self-Care for Parents”

Our Favourite ADAPTOGENS

I love herbal medicine. Herbs are gentle, yet powerful medicine and can be blended in formulas to suit an individual’s specific needs. Not everyone experiences stress in the same way, so I am very mindful of choosing the herb or herbal combination that best suits YOU. We carry a wide variety of herbs in different formsContinue reading “Our Favourite ADAPTOGENS”

Need an Energy Shot? We’ve got YOU covered!

Feeling tired is tiring. And common. There are a number of reasons why a person may feel exhausted – stress, nutritional deficiencies, food sensitivities, adrenal fatigue, and poor sleep habits – can all play a role. While you work with one of our naturopathic doctors to address the underlying causes, we highly recommend boosting energyContinue reading “Need an Energy Shot? We’ve got YOU covered!”

Stress-Less with Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a form of traditional Chinese medicine that has been practiced for centuries. It’s based on the theory that energy, called Qi or chi, flows through and around your body along pathways called meridians. An acupuncture session typically involves using very thin needles and inserting them into your skin at very specific points on yourContinue reading “Stress-Less with Acupuncture”

Vitamin C – An Immune Powerhouse

Vitamin C may be one of the best known nutrients, but it’s powerful health benefits are often under appreciated. Also known as ascorbic acid, vitamin C is found in citrus fruits, green leafy vegetables, bell peppers, broccoli, strawberries, and many other fruits and vegetables. Vitamin C is a water soluble antioxidant. Most people know that aContinue reading “Vitamin C – An Immune Powerhouse”

Everything Chamomile

I absolutely love having chamomile in the house because its healing properties are endless. Teas, poultices, herbal baths, and soaps are a few effective ways to extract and use the healing properties. As a tea chamomile is a mood stabilizer and helps alleviate nervousness and irritability. Drinking it also helps soothe the gastrointestinal tractas it alleviates heart burn,Continue reading “Everything Chamomile”

Supercharge with Superfoods

Every choice you make about the food you put in your body is an opportunity to enhance your health and wellbeing. All plant foods contain a variety of nutrients to support good health. A few foods have exceptionally high levels of certain phytochemicals and have earned the reputation of being “superfoods”. Here are a fewContinue reading “Supercharge with Superfoods”