A Month Of Connection

The Importance of Connection This month we are exploring the benefits of connection; connection with others, food, nature, and of course with self! I recently attended my uncle’s 60th birthday party. We have always been a tight family, especially the cousins, but with aging parents I couldn’t avoid asking the question of whether or notContinue reading “A Month Of Connection”

Finding the Positive in a Cancer Diagnosis

  If I told you that it’s possible to be well and have cancer, what would you say? In fact, some of the healthiest, most vibrant, enthusiastic, and energetic people I know have cancer. With a cancer diagnosis there comes fear. Overwhelming, suffocating, blinding fear. And that’s ok. It’s normal. But after some time to digestContinue reading “Finding the Positive in a Cancer Diagnosis”

Soul of Healing Summit

I’ve been listening to this summit for a few days and wanted to share! The information is a blend of science, medicine and spirituality to help you develop strategies for self-healing. It’s an opportunity to learn from some of the top healers, scientists and experts around the world on topics related to the vital role of the mind, emotions andContinue reading “Soul of Healing Summit”

Happiness creates more happiness

Have you ever noticed that one negative thought or comment often leads to another? According the neuroscience detailed in THIS ARTICLE, repetitive negativity strengthens pathways that lead to more negativity. Pretty cool stuff. Thankfully, we can use this to our benefit because the same cycle happens when we think positively! Thinking a positive thought makesContinue reading “Happiness creates more happiness”