Our Favourite ADAPTOGENS

I love herbal medicine. Herbs are gentle, yet powerful medicine and can be blended in formulas to suit an individual’s specific needs. Not everyone experiences stress in the same way, so I am very mindful of choosing the herb or herbal combination that best suits YOU. We carry a wide variety of herbs in different formsContinue reading “Our Favourite ADAPTOGENS”

5 Things You Need To Know About Oregano!

Oregano is a tasty herb when used in the kitchen, but did you know its antibacterial benefits are similar to that of antibiotics!! This herb makes it to the top of the list for cold busting symptoms: 5 Things You Need to Know About Oregano! It’s loaded in Vitamin C and A! Not only doesContinue reading “5 Things You Need To Know About Oregano!”

Change of Season Soup

I love herbal medicine and Change of Season Soup blend is one of my favourites for boosting immune health. This post and recipe is from a colleague, Dr. Mahalia Freed. Her website is: http://www.drmahaliafreed.com BUILD YOUR IMMUNE POWER WITH CHANGE OF SEASON SOUP This herbal formula is a great harmonizer, helping to balance the body andContinue reading “Change of Season Soup”

Elderberry Syrup for Cold & Flu

Sambucus canadensis, or Elderberry, is one of our favourite herbs this time of year. It acts deeply on the respiratory tract, decreasing congestion (quickly at that!) promotes detoxification through our pores and digestive tract – helping us prevent and recover from the flu! It’s powerful but gentle and safe – and a definite go-to if youContinue reading “Elderberry Syrup for Cold & Flu”

Everything Chamomile

I absolutely love having chamomile in the house because its healing properties are endless. Teas, poultices, herbal baths, and soaps are a few effective ways to extract and use the healing properties. As a tea chamomile is a mood stabilizer and helps alleviate nervousness and irritability. Drinking it also helps soothe the gastrointestinal tractas it alleviates heart burn,Continue reading “Everything Chamomile”