Get Through the Flu – Power Habits for Cold and Flu Prevention

hab·it   (hăb′ĭt)n. A recurrent, often unconscious pattern of behaviour that is acquired through frequent repetition. Getting sick, even with a minor cold, is never a happy event. This season there’s been an escalation of flu-related fear, mostly associated with the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak, with world-wide incidence surpassing 100,000 cases early March. Along with “new” bugs, strains that have previously been identified are constantly changing, making stayingContinue reading “Get Through the Flu – Power Habits for Cold and Flu Prevention”

Gut-Brain Connection: Stress and Mental Health

Published on January 2019. Mental health continues to be a growing concern worldwide. Both Statistics Canada and The National Institute of Mental Health estimate that 1 in 5 Canadians and Americans live with a mental illness.1,2 The World Health Organization lists depression as the #1 cause of disability globally.3 Considering the rising rates andContinue reading “Gut-Brain Connection: Stress and Mental Health”

Daily Detox Tip #5 – Lemon Water

Lemons have many benefits. They are a source of vitamin C, promote digestion, help alkalinize the body, and encourage more water intake! When it comes to detoxification strategies, drinking lemon water offers gentle but effective support. One of the liver’s main roles is to produce bile. Bile helps metabolize dietary fat and trap fat solubleContinue reading “Daily Detox Tip #5 – Lemon Water”

Daily Detox Tip #4 – Sweat it Out!

The skin acts as a barrier – protecting us from the external environment and also preventing essential nutrients from leaking out! This extensive organ is also responsible for temperature control. By increasing blood circulation to the surface we are able to sweat and eliminate heat. Sweating is also a way your body eliminates toxins andContinue reading “Daily Detox Tip #4 – Sweat it Out!”

Daily Detox Tip #2 – Breathe Deeply

You may be asking, what does breathing have to do with detoxification? There are many benefits to deep breathing (think stress relief, relaxation, better focus, less anxiety, etc.). One more good reason to start a daily breathing practice is that it promotes detoxification! Consider this: the human body can go months without food and daysContinue reading “Daily Detox Tip #2 – Breathe Deeply”