What is Integrative Medicine?

As a naturopathic doctor, it is often assumed that I disagree with the practices of conventional medicine. This is very far from the truth. As described by Dr. Weil in the clip below, I too have struggled with putting a label on the kind of medicine I practice. It’s not alternative, because that suggests it’s in opposition of something else; it’s also not necessarily complementary, because I do believe that naturopathic medicine can stand alone in some cases. However, so far in my career, the best results have been achieved by using a combination and variety of medicines and therapeutic practices. What matters most is that a person is in charge of his/her healthcare decisions, is informed of what the options are, and feels like a partner on a team of professionals creating a wellness plan that takes every aspect of health into account. This is integrative medicine.

This is the future of healthcare and it’s possible now!

For more, please read a previous blog post about Integrative Medicine and watch the clip below.

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