Daily Detox Tip #2 – Breathe Deeply

You may be asking, what does breathing have to do with detoxification?

There are many benefits to deep breathing (think stress relief, relaxation, better focus, less anxiety, etc.). One more good reason to start a daily breathing practice is that it promotes detoxification!

Consider this: the human body can go months without food and days without water. We can only survive a few minutes without oxygen. It makes sense that it plays a role in so many processes, including detoxification.

When we inhale, we bring in oxygen. Oxygen is absorbed into the blood and helps the body absorb necessary vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.

Oxygen is also necessary for the function of every single cell in the body – this includes cells in the liver, kidneys, bowel, skin, and lymphatic system!

Every time we exhale, we release gaseous waste, specifically carbon dioxide.

Deep, conscious breathing exercises help us do both (bring in oxygen and eliminate carbon dioxide) more effectively.

Breathing practices also help calm the stress response and trigger the part of our nervous system that is responsible for promoting digestion. This means better bowel movements (aka more efficient waste removal!) So not only will you feel calmer but your digestive health will improve.

Like most automatic processes in the body, we often take breathing for granted. A breathing practice is really just about becoming aware of your breath with focused attention and purpose.

There are many wonderful breathing practices – and just a few minutes a day of focused breathing will benefit your entire being (mind, body, and spirit). With time, the practice will spill over into your day-to-day breathing without even thinking about it.

This makes breathing such a wonderful detox tip – with very little effort, you can support your detoxification organs all the time!

Ways to incorporate breathing techniques into your daily life:

  • Schedule a set time to practice each day. Start with one to two 5 minute periods each day. You may find that it’s easier to stick with your practice if you do it first thing in the morning, before other tasks and responsibilities get in the way.


  • Practice your techniques while you’re doing other things. Ever consider deep breathing while you’re doing housework or routine tasks. How about while throwing the ball to your dog, walking to your car, or in the elevator at work?


  • Incorporate cues throughout your daily routine as reminders. A smooth rock in your pocket, a sound on your phone, or walking through a doorway can all be personal triggers in your daily life that remind you to practice deep breathing regularly.


A deep cleansing breath can be done anywhere and anytime. Simply focus your attention on your breath, breathe in to a count of 4, hold for 4, and exhale to a count of 4. Super simple!

If you are new to breathing techniques, you may want to begin by breathing in the nose and out the mouth using the visual below. It is a great starting place to help keep your breath even and focused.

Happy detoxing 😉


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