Winter Wellness Package

It can be easy to make big promises to ourselves but those promises often become hard to keep. It’s difficult to maintain the New Years’ momentum, particularly during the winter months.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a Winter Wellness Package to help hold you accountable and get the results you are looking for. Continuously I notice that commitment and consistency is necessary for results. We’ve spread out the package over a 6 week period to help encourage the kind of commitment and consistency that will lead to big changes.

This package includes:

– Two 45 minute consultations with our health coach, Michael Johnson

– weekly infrared sauna sessions for 4 weeks (1 hour each)

– weekly acupuncture sessions for 4 weeks (30 mins each)

Whether you’ve set an intention to reduce your stress level, drop a few pounds, have more energy, improve your sleep patterns, reduce pain, or simply take more time for self-care, and you know WHY you want to achieve these goals – this package is for you. Call or email to start your Winter Wellness journey.

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