Love is a Verb

This month’s theme is everything related to love and intimacy.

While thinking about the topic, I came across this statement in a book I was reading:

Love is a Verb.

It struck a cord.

Often we think about love in a very passive way. You feel it or you don’t; as if it’s an emotion that exists without any real action.

But love (in friendships, intimate relationships, with family, and with self) takes work. Love requires action. It is a verb. To love means to make sacrifices. It’s a commitment. It means doing things, not necessarily because it’s what you want, but because someone you care about does. It means acting with kindness even when times are tough.

Love is something you participate in and something you can generate more of by engaging in it.

To help us further our understanding and put into practice “Love is a Verb”, we’ve asked intimacy expert, Dr. Gayle Friend, to share her knowledge as a guest contributor. For more information about Dr. Gayle, you can check out her website:

Our hope is the posts this month will help generate a deeper sense of intimacy and love in your life.

I am honoured to be on this journey with you!

Dr. Melissa Blake




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