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I love herbal medicine. Herbs are gentle, yet powerful medicine and can be blended in formulas to suit an individual’s specific needs. Not everyone experiences stress in the same way, so I am very mindful of choosing the herb or herbal combination that best suits YOU.

We carry a wide variety of herbs in different forms – loose herbs for tea and soup blends, essential oils, tinctures, and powdered herbs in capsules are all options we like to have on hand when choosing the right blend for the individual.

Adaptogens are herbal allies that increase our resilience to stress. Adaptogens can help our adrenal (or stress) glands recharge and overall reduce the negative impact stress can have on our bodies and minds.


A few of my favourite adaptogens include:



Studies of Rhodiola rosea’s medicinal applications have appeared in the scientific literature for decades. Rhodiola rosea is generally used as a tonic and remedy for fatigue. People who take rhodiola often notice improvement in feelings of overall wellness and vitality.

Numerous studies have also shown rhodiola to be beneficial for mild-to-moderate depression. Through its ability to strengthen the nervous system, rhodiola is especially helpful for people who respond to stress with feelings of helplessness.



Although not a true ginseng, Siberian Ginseng, also known as eleutherococcus, is a potent adaptogen that is useful in cases of mental fatigue. It also supports healthy mood. Studies find people who take Siberian ginseng have better mental health and social functioning and benefits are seen as soon as 4 weeks of taking the herb.



Passion flower has sedative properties and is used for people who experience anxiety related to stress. This adaptogen is especially helpful for people who notice upset stomach (“nervous stomach”) and have trouble sleeping in response to high levels of stress.



This amazing plant helps to lower cortisol levels. It has been used for centuries, primarily in its native country of India, for people who are worn out and exhausted. Research on the benefits of ashwagandha have shown that people who take it report feeling more relaxed and calm. They also demonstrate significant reduction in depression, anxiety, and insomnia.



Also known as “Tulsi”, holy basil is a sacred plant in India, valued for its benefits on the mind, body, and spirit. Multiple studies have found that supplementation with holy basil relieves anxiety, reduces cortisol levels, and helps the body respond optimally during times of stress.



Stress resilience requires a multi-disciplinary approach that includes mind-body strategies, natural nutrition, herbal medicine, and exercise. There are a wide variety of herbal option that are effective options to help manage stress.

If you are feeling like stress is getting the best of YOU, call today for a comprehensive plan to help you address your concerns and achieve sensational health.

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