5 Things You Need To Know About Oregano!

Oregano is a tasty herb when used in the kitchen, but did you know its antibacterial benefits are similar to that of antibiotics!!

This herb makes it to the top of the list for cold busting symptoms:
5 Things You Need to Know About Oregano!

  1. It’s loaded in Vitamin C and A! Not only does this help our immune system function its best but it helps protect our mucousal membranes (nose, mouth/throat, and respiratory tract!)
  2. Because of its broad-spectrum antibacterial effects it will kill our good bacteria with the bad bacteria – with this in mind, supplementing with probiotics are an important follow-up step to using Oregano to kill the germs that you’ve caught.
  3. Although it’s amazing for the immune system and killing bacteria, it’s not great at killing viruses.. This means it isn’t a top choice for the flu (usually caused by viruses) but it has been shown effective in killing fungal (and as we know, bacterial) infections and interestingly, it prevents cold sore breakouts (even though it is caused by a virus! – it’s likely there’s more to Oregano then what has been shown so far in studies).
  4. You can use it as a fresh or dried herb or as an essential oil! One of my favourite ways to use it is steeped in olive oil as you can see in the picture. I add it to salads or use it with a little balsamic and bread as an app! It also cooks nicely with chicken, or makes a delish pesto!
  5. On top of it’s immune boosting benefits, Oregano helps ease allergies, menstrual cramps, and slows aging with its potent anti-oxidant content!

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What are your favourite ways to use Oregano?? 

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