Immune Boosting “Flu” Shot


Effective Flu Prevention with the Natural “Flu Shot”

The immune system really is a wonder. The fact is that “bugs” on your body out number your human cells 10 to 1. Not all of these bugs are harmful to you, but many are. Your ability to remain healthy in the midst of these infectious organisms in, on, and around you is all in thanks to your sensational immune system.

We often equate being healthy to the absence of disease. Although this is true on some level, being sick is actually part of being healthy. Our immune systems require exposure in order to function.

That being said, prevention is the best medicine and we highly recommend supporting your immune system with the Natural Flu Shot.

Th Natural Flu Shot is an IN OFFICE injection that is recommended twice a year (October and January).

It is a combination of herbal and homeopathic substances that has been scientifically proven to reduce the risk of infection when given preventatively and to significantly reduce the duration and severity of symptoms during an acute infection (when given as a treatment). It is safe for people over the age of 4 and does not interact with any medications or supplements.

Natural Flu Shot: Pascoeleucyn

Healthy Adults and Children over 4: Flu Prevention Dosing
• One ampoule /injection 1-2 times per season (i.e. Oct and Jan)
The Pascoleucyn Forte can be given as an intramuscular injection as a compliment to the conventional flu shot or as part of a healthy immune plan for those who opt out of receiving the flu shot. For those concerned about needles, the remedy can be given orally.

**Dosing can be adjusted for treatment options if active infection occurs.

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