The most important job in the world

In an effort to experience more quality time together, my family has started a new ritual in our home. At suppertime, we all sit together and pull a question from our Key Jar. These questions are designed to instigate thoughtful conversation and are working well to get more than just one word answers from our five year old about her day. I’m often left pondering the answers long after the dishes are cleared and last night was no exception. In fact, it was exceptional, hence this post!

The question we pulled out of the jar was “What is the most important job in the world?”. Admittedly, my instincts made me think about political leaders and healers as topping the list. My husband was very clear in his belief that being a daddy was the worlds most important job. Although these roles are valuable, it was our daughter’s answer that was undeniably, without a doubt, the answer we should all have in response to that question.With confidence and ease, she said:

“That’s simple. The most important job in the whole world is to take care of yourself.”

When I asked her ways to do that, she stated: “Eat healthy food, brush your teeth, play with your friends, and go to bed early.” Ahhh. A naturopathic mom’s dream.

And who can argue with it? I’ve spent the last few waking hours imagining a world in which everyone practices self-care. A world that values feeling good on every level and encourages positive self-worth and spiritual fulfilment. A world that emphasizes healthy food, play, and rest.

My daughter is 5 and she’s got it all figured out. Taking care of yourself is the most important job. Having fun, living “wholeheartedly”, making healthy choices because they make your FEEL GOOD.

My job is to show her that she’s right.


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