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The longer I’m in practice, the more emphasis I put on food. We cannot eat processed, nutrient depleted, fake foods and expect to be well. Even more importantly, we cannot feed these foods to our children.

We cannot be accepting of the fact that CHEAP is the only priority when it comes to food decisions made within schools, hospitals, and workplaces and be ok with paying thru the nose in healthcare costs related to diet preventable diseases. It just doesn’t make any sense.

In a TED talk from 2010, Jamie Oliver highlights the fact that diet related diseases account for the vast majority of deaths in North America, however the media’s focus is on much less common causes. Suicide, murder, and flu related deaths COMBINED barely make it on the chart compared to lifestyle preventable deaths caused by heart disease and cancer.

I’m not suggesting (neither is Jamie Oliver) that you eat kale three times a day. I’m just hoping that each of us can become informed about making BETTER choices. Choosing MORE fruits and vegetables and LESS processed junk. It’s also not about deprivation. It’s about optimizing health, preventing disease, and feeling your best.

Here’s to a year filled with more of the good stuff.

Dr. M

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