What are you putting on your skin??

There are many aspects of our bodies that we take for granted. Skin is definitely one of them.

The skin is an amazing organ. It plays a vital role in temperature control, allows us to sense changes in our environment, and is essential for vitamin D production. Most importantly, perhaps, is its ability to protect us by keeping the inside in and the outside out. Without it, we would be prone to high rates of infection and injury.

The skin is not impenetrable. In fact, many things we come into contact with are absorbed thru the skin’s layers and into the bloodstream. Toxicity depends on the concentration of the chemical, the frequency of exposure, and the amount of body surface exposed. So, when it comes to body products that we are bathing in, applying daily, and to highly absorptive areas of our bodies it makes sense to limit potential chemical exposures whenever possible.

Reducing exposure and supporting detoxification daily helps balance our toxIN/toxOUT ratio 😉

What are you putting on your skin?


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